What are the classification of mobile phone sets?(Hits:446)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        Divided by the texture of leather, silicone, cloth, hard plastic, soft plastic cover, down the system, such as silk system divided by type candy bar. Which can be used. Clamshell. Can only use leather coat and bag, a few models with hard plastic cladding (Samsung and more) can only have the slide sets and leather bags. silicone cell phone cover picture

        1 Silicone Case Silicone Case is best known type of cell phone protective cover. It is soft, feel a little slippery, the market has been popular for many years. Spread the goods from the shoddy workmanship of personality development to brand, market share has always been to stay ahead. Because of its excellent value for money, silicone cover later MP3, iPod, when hot, are also popular, by many people of all ages. Silicone sleeve is divided into two types of silicone, the other is inorganic silica. Phone on the market now are basically the former silicone sleeve. Silicone has many advantages, such as can temperature, good resistance against Hou (not afraid to UV or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material stability (no change with the animal). In addition, people choose silicone cover, but also because it feels good: Some mobile phone keyboard stiff, put silicone sleeve will be improved. And can absorb some of the bump on the impact of mobile phones, thereby reducing damage to the phone. In addition, the silicone sleeve waterproof performance is better, that has become its biggest selling point. Although many of the advantages of silicone sets, and the price is low. But there are still shortcomings, because of poor ventilation, long-term wear will cause the phone to body heat accumulation. Particular part of the high heat of smart phones, much less recommend that you use. Moreover, the silicone sleeve itself has a slightly sticky, with a period of time will gather a lot of dust absorption on the phone, over time, but the beauty is not conducive to cell phone, and protection of mobile intentions. In addition to the above considerations, mobile phone silicone sleeve is worth the purchase carefully or two. Now the silicone sets an array, the flea market, shopping malls, supermarkets, the mobile phone market everywhere. But not to buy the right phone model is needed, and egregious cheap price often of poor quality silicone case is not set is not on that position asymmetry. Quality is really good, effective protection is crucial. Currently the price of most of the regular silicone sleeve, but ten dollars, no need for the cheap and runs the risk.

        2 leather protective case in all kinds of mobile phones, leather is also very popular. Relative to the style of a single silicone sleeve, in the workplace, working hard and generous business people prefer to use a decent holster, and respect for different young people, leisure, holding a single color appearance models of mobile phones for them is forsaking Taiga. And the same silicone sleeve, cell phone holster is also divided into two, one is popular for many years hung waist holster for more common type; the other is a portable pocket holster can be, used for N97, iphone, etc. high-end smart models. Although the appearance of two seemingly different, but the manufacturing process is similar. The advantage of portable leather case unique, decency, do not wear cell phones, heat is good, but not waterproof silicone sleeve can play as ache, while too much would be difficult if the leather into his trouser pocket, somewhat inconvenient to carry around. Leather quality is uneven. Although leather is everywhere in the stall, but you pay for, more than ten dollars will not use natural leather material goods, mostly leather or imitation leather, the use of plastic will soon be cracking open the phenomenon. The leather durable, long life, of course, the price is cheap, the price is usually in the tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.

        3 sets of silicone crystal case and leather case is different, but also have enough for the realization of integrated protection, but also a cellular protective sleeve came into being. This is much favored by women in the crystal shell. It is made by the glass, the appearance of thick solid, crystal clear body shell. Not only effectively protect the phone, but not much affect the appearance, won the silicone sleeve and leather can be described as long. But also more to buy Crystal Shell test vision. Although the crystal shell cost is not high, technology is relatively simple, but some businesses in order to earn higher profits, the workmanship and selected materials, or province to province. First of all, depends largely on the appearance of crystal shell abrasive, abrasive well, made out of crystal quality was excellent shell. Abrasive made by irregular crystal shell size will be biased, and some can not even fill the mobile phone; Secondly, crystal thickness of the shell more stringent requirements. Hardness is too thin or bad, it is easy to break. If too thick, it will affect operations. In addition, since that's crystal, crystal shell casing had to be bright, but it was dark and some crystal shell or yellow, this is a question of cutting corners. Crystal shell course, there are drawbacks with the phone because it has a certain hardness, so the two will inevitably produce friction, particularly in the corners of the mobile phone, the phone usually wear the four parts are the most serious. Shopping need to be cautious, do not be afraid of confinement. Crystal case the price is not expensive, at best tens of dollars, the price is very affordable.

        4 water sets water sets down is not a concept of innovation, it is crystal shell and set the blend of silicone, transparent silicone is a form of hard and soft moderate phone protective cover, and because as transparent as crystal case, it was Name of water. Silicone sleeve disadvantage is that the use over time, cover the body and the body is inevitable, "gluey" and sometimes have to let the phone "flying pose" through a gas can not be; and hard crystal shell as crisp texture, easy to collapse, may lead to frequent replacement . Water sets is not easy to loose deflated, and the right size, it can be said both the silicone and crystal case cover the advantages of both, while, in order to shape beautiful, clear water is usually printed on the back cover of the fine pattern, not as sets of silicone and crystal shell color as dull. Considered to be the more perfect protection class of commodities. Finally, the old saying goes, no good goods cheaper to purchase to be careful.

        5 shell mobile shell is soft-shell sub-species, the shell body covered with mesh vents, named after the design is usually relatively simple. Iphone after the rise, many prefer mobile phones with the main shell. The only reason rugged heat fast, simple glance phones look cool. Of course, the shell of the disadvantages are also obvious, that can not effectively resist dust and water. Wear a long time, there will be many dirt deposited on the hole, the appearance is not conducive to cell phone, so pay attention to timely cleaning. Currently the market began to rise veneer shell, shell that is the main covered by a leather jacket, only to maintain key parts of the mesh design. This reinforces the waterproof shell effects, but also more unique appearance of the place, but also to retain some of the cooling function. Overall, the practical than before with the comprehensive improvement.