Gift bags can be fitted to those gifts?(Hits:331)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
Office Supplies
1, enterprise products, including paper, office supplies such brick, notebooks, folders, etc., both for business advertising gifts can also be used internally in the unit, is characterized by a significant advertising space, this book, folders can be added the company Profile for office occasion gift.
2, ad pen compact and practical, versatile, distribute or special gift, whether large, are suitable choices include: ball pen, pen, pen style, brand pen.
3, electronic products and technical practicality, science and technology of modern natural preference for the gift. Include: calculator, radio, electronic calendar, PDA, e-health products.
Fine arts and crafts
1, has a high artistic and crafts collection. Commemorate important events for senior business activities and gifts including bronze, tin, ceramics and other crafts.
2, the crystal itself is thorough, crystal, refractive index and then the eye-catching, elegant quality at a glance. Artificial crystal materials can be processed into various shapes, together with attractive packaging, applicable to commemorate important events and awards.
3, a desk with a gorgeous boutique quality look and elegant, with exquisite advertising sign making, is a formal business occasions in recent years, the popular high-end gifts.
4, gold numismatics full of culture and taste, with high artistic and ornamental, is the latest high-end gift selection.
5, smoking gifts such as lighters, pipe, cigarette holder, etc. are some quality men's collection, with this gift just to meet their preferences.
6, the quality of prizes medals beautifully produced with a variety of logo text effect, people not only look in the eyes, but also in mind for qualification, and an important event to commemorate the award is used.
7, POP, EVA inexpensive, colorful, suitable for exhibitions and large-scale promotional activities. Including PVC pen, advertising fans, balloons, soft pen, plastic frame, mouse pad and so on.
8, advertising to draw attention to the table in time, but also drawn attention to your brand. Is a high-end gifts. Include: plastic shell tables, shell sheet metal, and other types of multi-function table.

1, ad dress real "close" contact, so that the brand deep into people's hearts. Includes: shirt, T-shirts, jackets, vests, advertising caps, scarves, ties and so on.
2, leather products, leather and exquisite charm lies in nature itself, is commonly used in high-end business gifts. Including: business card holder, key cases, cosmetic bags, silver clip, purse, briefcase, etc.
3, luggage products, practical gifts for conferences, seminars, exhibitions include: coin bag, pencil case, luggage, computer bags, leisure bags, briefcase, etc.
4, household items for the brand's memory, deep into every corner of people's lives, including for the show, promotional gifts and gifts of low-grade Swiss Army knife, brand name appliances and other high-end VIP gifts.
5, advertising umbrella, tent practical, advertising position markedly, promotional activities and the summer show is very popular gifts.

Corporate image products
1, effective chest emblem key chain to establish the company's brand image, low-end products for promotion, exhibition, high-end products used in business situations.
2, plastic eye-catching advertising space, has the effect of outdoor advertising, commonly used in large-scale public events, exhibitions and venue. Include: large inflatable material, inflatable material modeling, automatic inflatable balloons.
3, packaging products, attractive packaging for establishing the company's image, enhance the effects have an important role. Including packaging materials, packaging bags, paper bags and so on.