Sale will be a confusion of pregnant women brand the rain is speeding to "grab" (Hits:447)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        According to the "Morning News" reported near the end of the year, major shopping malls lively staged promotions, brand business' plant sale will be "also accounted for a place. A well-known brand of baby products this week launched a large-scale "plant sale will be", although some remote locations, but the discount rate, the price low, so the distance did not prevent the family's passion for crazy shopping.

        Pregnant women early in the morning came bargains

        9:00, the reporter arrived at the sale will be Wanyuan Road site, parking of vehicles has been full to the brim. The venue is a white tent take up temporary venues, not wide on either side filled with goods stacked floats, mainly baby products, such as baby shoes, baby, children's clothing, discount concentrated in the 2 to between 5% off. As the scene too many people clogging the channel conditions from time to time. In some larger discount rate, the higher commodity floats popular before, consumers are packed.

        Many pregnant women come in to buy. Individual has a round belly like a pregnant woman, like watermelon, but still enthusiastic. A pregnant woman wearing a radiation suit single-handedly carrying two bags of clothes, shoes, still floats in the other hand constantly rummaging suitable goods. She claimed came from Yangpu District, less than 7 am and went out. The first time such a "plant sale will be", but a bit disappointed. Because the goods of varying quality, some are not even label the scene is too messy, dirty goods are being stepped on. However, so far to think about their trip is not easy, or would like to buy a little something back.

        "Sacks to help" take the opportunity to scan cargo

        Number of "sacks to help" also took the opportunity to scan cargo. In a float before, a young lady with a rather sophisticated way to put into the shopping bag in batches of goods, including personal coat, jacket, hat, etc., with a number of almost all goods more than 10. "So many things keep their homes with it?" When a reporter asked the lady stare, and did not speak.

        "In this type of sale will be, there 'sacks to help' haunt is commonplace." Shopping Daren senior Joyce said, "'sacks to help' can be in the sale of goods to 2-5 off the price of 'wholesale' back, and then to 5-7 off the price to get online, go shop to sell, pocketing the difference. "Joyce that" sacks to help "of this approach is to harm the interests of consumers, really want to buy because people might not buy a stock and it is recommended to deal with such business sale will be set to certain restrictions, to avoid the sale will become a "sack to help" make money channels.