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Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        Since January 27, 2010 iPad1 birth, various types of iPad package also crashed out, with the March 3, 2011 the birth of iPad2, iPad swept the global market. Currently in China's tablet PC market, iPad has not rejected the supremacy, and the iPad have taken advantage of the package, as hot aftermarket products.

        In the end how many people in countless crazy for the iPad, the influx of people of fashion were no exception, crazy. Face of these circumstances, some luxury brands are not calm pack, eager to share. Now more and more luxury brands are exclusive custom jacket for the iPad iPad package, such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tod's, Burberry launched a fashion long iPad package. According to this trend, iPad package will be among the fashion and luxury.

        In order to seize market opportunities, domestic major luggage brands do not smoke set off a war, have been offering various styles of creative iPad package. According to ancient Kingsons President Huang introduced to increase research and development of Apple accessories, take the next step is the development of Kingsons The importance of weight! At present, some high-tech, stylish and innovative iPad Kingsons brands are the full package onto the market.