Baby shop requires eight outstanding Purchasing Guide(Hits:27)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        Purchasing Guide is the first shop welcoming staff, Purchasing techniques determine the level of turnover rate, especially infant Purchasing Guide user store, baby store shopping guide staff on the requirements of more, of course, will have only high quality high efficiency , which as a shopping guide staff to do it? Children join the network following (www.kidsnet.cn) Xiaobian you list the following:

        First, the affinity: Purchasing baby products store the first element is to have affinity, to make customers feel you are just pulling her homemade, not deliberately to sell her goods.
        Second, the wealth of product knowledge: Baby is a guide consumer industry, in addition to daily necessities, many of the sales of goods are required to have a wealth of product knowledge, scientific guidance for customer consumption, so that consumers feel the shell of the real the added value of language!

        Third, love: love is not fitted out, the real love of the salesperson will inadvertently reflected the love, and sometimes moving consumer is often a detail.

        Fourth, the influence: the influence of the stronger, the sale of goods is more active.

        V. Summary capability: summary is to make the future better.

        Sixth, learning ability: Now there will be any one industry competition, do not have the learning ability of a salesperson, sooner or later are to be eliminated.

        Seven, a sense of responsibility: If a salesperson only landed a sense, no sense of belonging, will never be able to sell well!

        VIII analysis: the extent of any store will be different problems, it is important you need to have analytical skills, able to clear the real cause of the problem, because many stores doing good business is not clear where the real problem, if they really can find the problem we will be able to find a solution to the problem.

        Children join the network that the baby emphasize health and safety products, such as health and safety of the product correctly convey the concept of Purchasing and can be the perfect interpretation, then the baby will shop business is infinitely good, domestic children's clothing brand also needs attention.