How to choose the sleeve?(Hits:929)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        In general, if you decide to buy laptop sleeve, advance their love machine to do a "Body Measurements", to know its exact length and breadth, and then purchase will be prepared.

1, the biggest is the role of sleeve waterproof, shockproof, so be sure to see the time of purchase what fabric is used, should be a good waterproof function: waterproof fiber fabric diving suit, a good shock is: low anti-exclusion of polyurethane. Please purchase the product description or ask to view the business.

2, the size must be met. Notebook of different sizes, not only is widescreen, different manufacturers have designed notebook size and difference, and marked the same size tank bag are not the same actual size, so finding the right size sleeve is the current notebook users one of the biggest problems.

ps: be sure to purchase online notebook and sleeve against the specific size, and suggested that support the unconditional return of the seller.