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Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        Mobile phone sales surge protector

        With the best-selling smart phones, mobile phone company orders surge protector. Last month in the United States "iPhone4", if the holding side of the phone calls, signal strength will weaken. In response, Apple CEO Steve - Steve Jobs said: "To use the protective sleeve." Headquarters is located in Pinghu, Longgang, a company, in July, they received only 30 countries around the world 1 million of orders, so a state of emergency. Hwaseong plant a day, can produce 50,000 protection kits. The company director Mou said: "The growth of 1,000% last year alone, nearly 2 years, 10 million were exported to protect units in recent days to supplement the staff, the ongoing recruitment interviews." In the 21st century, due to the popularity of mobile phones, cell phone protective cover market gradually expanded, but the phone number free of charge, the market began to shrink. And three years ago with the iPhone market and the increase in high-end mobile phones, mobile phone cover to protect the market to rise again. Director Mou said: "Now there was even with precious stones worth 50 million won to protect mobile phones and value of ? 900,000 sets of sets of geometric crocodile skin protection is more expensive high-end mobile phones mobile phone protector." Mobile phone market, the In just 7-15 days there will be new protective cover. By 300 kinds of special paint, you can create a gloss and surface texture of the different cell phone protective cover. Protective cover material similar to the trees, the sun will pale face protection cover, printed with famous artists such as protective cover photo, a cell phone can be 50 kinds of "change." The company director Mou said: "The mobile phone is outside the protective sleeve to protect the role of mobile phones has become an independent commodity. Handset can not change the color, but the protective cover can be freely changed according to personal preference, so popular." Crazy popular index for mobile phones Case sales are very popular, the market has billions of dollars.

        China mobile phone sales distribution center protector: Shenzhen Huaqiang North

        Shenzhen Huaqiang North business district is located, its predecessor is the production of electronics, telecommunications, electrical products based industrial zone. In 1998, the Shenzhen Municipal Government began to transform Huaqiang North Commercial Street. In October 1999, 45 million investment in the first phase of 12 fully completed renovation project, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of businesses, all businesses have the facade renovation, a total investment of 120 million. After nearly a decade after the development of continuous development and expansion of Shenzhen Huaqiang North gradually so that by the Chinese electronics market "benchmark" in the world. October 2008, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce agreed to grant Huaqiang North, "China Electronics Street" in the title. Huaqiang North, which has become China's most important electronic communications equipment distribution center. With the increase of high-end mobile phone, smart mobile phone market began to thriving era. High-end surge in mobile phone sales to the original long-silent cell phone protective cover market active again, distribution, and more colorful than the previous models, in addition to traditional silicone and crystal case, but also there with $ 5,000 worth of precious stones cell phone protective cover and ten thousand dollars worth of crocodile leather protective cover, the price even overshadowed expensive phone itself. Huaqiang North electronic protective sleeve over the years, production and supply of market weakness, suddenly swept away, the business boomed again. Protective cover of the major mobile phone supply markets such as Electronic City, Longsheng phone wholesale Centre, a distance, business, SEG electronics market, Huaqiang world are daily passenger flow waves. A large number of orders and results also thriving businesses have sprouted the idea of ??expanding the business, many are turning to network communications equipment wholesale marketing. The communications market in the days of billion SEG Communications, for example, adhere to the traditional marketing model, this fifteen years old face a flood of orders had to hit a network platform business model to achieve diversion, Alibaba, Taobao, Dunhuang and other business marketing services platform to launch the network, open a new business model. Changing technology so that the "communication without borders" concept to get more in-depth communication reflects the next decade, will be the era of smart phones. The protective cover as a mobile phone accessories necessary equipment to maintain its market will be a considerable degree of improvement.