Sleeve are those features?(Hits:424)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
1 shock
Such as the love machine accidentally bumped or dropped, laptop sleeve can effectively reduce the damage they caused the collision, which is a laptop sleeve of material characteristics of the decision; material as possible, the better the shock effect.

2 water
Here's waterproof, water repellent is accurate in terms of function, is defined as tourism, travel time, tank bag can effectively prevent rain, water vapor and other violations of the notebook; rather than the manufacturer can boast, as in the water a few hours, notebook can intact! Please note: Even if the main fabric is waterproof, it is not waterproof zipper parts; even if some manufacturers use waterproof zipper production, zipper sewing needle, but still can not stop the water immersion.

3 anti-wear, scratches
Handsome boys & girls using a laptop often know the original beautiful laptop case, will appear soon after the use of paint, scratches, etc.; this phenomenon in the notebook front end is particularly evident at the two corners, which is due to our use of laptop computers process, often removed from the bag will love machine, into, if only the use of outsourcing, it is easy to paint the edges of the notebook has been worn away; if coupled with a laptop sleeve, the problem is solved.

4 decorative
Many notebook sleeve manufacturers rack their brains in a continuous, innovation! The original single print results to colorful style and innovative design; open outsourcing, bought out the interior package, I believe your colleagues, friends and family will come around and ask where you got a good East East! To work, when the inner bag with love machine directly hold in his hand, but also a way to improve retention rates; but the resultant of the robbery, I am not responsible!