Baby: Bottle Sterilizer is very important(Hits:299)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
       Manner in which hygienic and convenient, and affordable it? To this end I visited a few baby stores, but also to collect some of her mother's advice. We see how the bottle is sterilized.
Vivian (10 months, the child's mother)

        4 months before the baby eating milk, although only used water bottles, but still have to disinfection. Mother taught me the night the bottle into the boiling water and cook about it.

        4 months after starting to eat baby powder, I use this method to disinfect, and now the baby has not had any stomach problems. The only caveat is that the best use of glass bottles! Previously did not pay attention, plastic bottle with boiled too long, the result there was a plastic taste to run out, the bottle is also deformed.

        Staff comments: This is the most affordable of the most traditional way. But to remind you that even with the high-temperature plastic bottles or glass bottles, bottle still pay attention to the danger of cracking or deformation. Disinfection time not too long, usually like a few minutes, so avoid prolonged high-temperature plastic bottles release harmful substances.

        Ah Feng (8 months, the child's mother)

        I sent a friend in the microwave sterilizer, with the average microwave special case, as above, there are holes. When to disinfect the inside with water, put the bottle to disinfect and then heated in a microwave oven into one and a half or two minutes on it. The same principle with the bottle sterilizer, the prices are saving a large portion. But also to the box is also very easy to clean, unlike the special disinfection to clean the pot to slowly open. However, a small microwave oven at home, you can only put three bottles inside. A B family and I eat seven bottles one day, so several times to disinfect. This is too much trouble, the other is very satisfying. Staff comments: the choice of disinfection method, parents should remember that regular disinfection of equipment cleaning. Recommend the use of alkaline or contain natural plant ingredients of the cleaning agent, such as detergent bottles in general can be. And milk each feed, the bottle should be cleaned immediately with detergent, especially the bottleneck, the thread and nipple suction holes and other minor areas. In the evening and then all of disinfection.

        Mable (children 1 year old)

        I am a lazy mother. BB was born after buying a bottle sterilizer, feeling very practical. Disinfection is not how tasks are more demanding every night, six bottles with a bag, about 10 minutes on it, bottle without deformation. And the child's other items, like a small towel, pacifier or something, as long as the heat of the way into them can be disinfected, most cost-effective long-term calculation. And the disinfection process fully computerized automatic control, I can do other household chores, not in the next guarding. Suggest that you buy with a drying function, Guangzhou, humid weather, wet disinfection but finished the bottle easy to breed bacteria. With the drying function, take the bottle every time feel clean and dry, usually when, sterilizer cleaner bottle can be stored for use when very convenient.

        Staff comments: sterilizer in addition to detergent to clean, but also in the empty pot add water and vinegar, vinegar to vent steam to disinfect it. In addition, if the economy permits, it is recommended to use the big names, there have been some small sign of parents will use the release of plastic taste.