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Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        iPad package, also known as iPad protective cover, can be understood as a popular series for the iPad bag, the main function is to carry iPad provides convenient and provide protection for the use of the iPad. Since 2010, Apple released the iPad tablet PC has been on the market tailored for various types of series iPad iPad package sales of hot, rapidly occupied the major market.

        By Series can be divided into iPad1 package and iPad2 package. March 3, 2011, iPad 2 release, Apple introduced its own package smart cover with iPad iPad2 rise, and continued three months, ranking first in China iPad2 accessories. Corresponding protective cover other sleep products have also been favorable for a large number of consumers. ipad package

        By way of protection can be divided into open-style all-inclusive, all-inclusive and half-back hinge-type shell. All-inclusive open style is more common set of common protection, appearance and easy.

        Hinged protective cover is iPad protective cover of the more commonly used types. Hinged protective cover not only provide comprehensive protection, can be directly portable. Kingsons brand Hinged protective cover sales hot. If you need an iPad package mounted directly on the iPad will be able to go out, it is best to choose a hasp or other fixed magnet suction device Hinged protective cover.

        Some people may not like Hinged protective cover slightly cumbersome, the back shell protective cover is relatively light. Cover the back shell is thin and light the main features, in line with the pursuit of ipad light and thin, and are not easily soiled, clean and convenient! Back shell is divided into a stent and no stent. Under normal circumstances, stand back bracket shell case when not in use can be adsorbed on the protective cover shell, use it when you can pull up so ipad fixed tilt. ipad bag on the back

        By function, radiation can be divided into classes, sleep class, other classes and so on. IPad2 Kingsons radiation radiation type package is one of the representatives. IPad2 package which uses radiation materials, the authority of the tests used can be reduced to 90% of the radiation on the human body. It has always been fashion exterior design continues the minimalist style, elegant atmosphere, and the hinge bracket also set as a whole, according to the perspective they need to adjust the angle of the computer, shut down your computer when incorporating them very small and exquisite, that is placed directly on the computer package be.

        Sleep is the main representative of the class Apple smart cover, the page has a large number of magnets on both sides, has a switch function, when you close it, iPad2 will sleep, automatically enter the sleep state; opened the cover will be automatically activated when the iPad 2, wake up over. Design is very clever, their intelligence has been staggering.

        Material can be divided into leather type, silicone type, PU etc., different materials of the iPad package design, the price are not the same.