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Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
        The so-called interior package is an ordinary notebook with outsourcing, and backpacks (backpack), handbag (handbag) and other distinguished; outsourcing focus on carrying function, be tolerant to diversity, which can be all-inclusive; and pay attention to the protective sleeve; quite in beautiful coat and underwear; all sleeve sizes are not uniform, must be customized according to the size of notebook.

        Notebook Sleeve

        Chinese Alias: tank bag, laptop sleeve, laptop protective sleeve, netbook bag

        English Name: laptop bag, laptop sleeve, notebook case, notebook bag, etc so-called inner bag is like an ordinary notebook outsourcing Instead, focus on the protection of the liner bag is no uniform size, should be customized according to the size of notebook production! Sleeve for protection, shock, anti-scratch, anti-collision function, to meet the multi-purpose portable. Even the same size, because the laptop brand will lead to inconsistent and slightly different dimensions, such as the same 14.1-inch laptop bag, BENQ Lenovo or DELL's more than the thickness of 0.5-1.0 cm, in general, If you decide to purchase a laptop sleeve, advance their love machine doing a "Body measurements", to know its exact length and breadth, and then purchase will be prepared.