What is a lunch bag?(Hits:454)

Orgin: Author: 2015-02-05
Lunch bags - is the most convenient means to carry the bag, usually referring to a bag to carry tableware, lunch boxes can be placed, cups and water bottles
Product structure:
Products are mainly for high-density oxford cloth material, an environmentally friendly fabrics, high density, highly cold, light, texture, neither hard nor soft, non-toxic, known as the environment-specific material. Products can design according to customer needs in order to fully meet customer requirements, additional rubber cover close zipper closure. Products with the use of ice packs, cold effect over the United States with industry standards.

Industry standards:
International transportation according to ISTA standard analog ambient temperature at 42 ℃ -6 ℃ under the conditions and temperature changes. Ice detection by American institutions and transportation testing.

Lunch bags to use:
Lunch bags exactly like bags, shopping bags can also be said to be one, but the lunch bags are most lightweight mini can be placed more and more goods, especially by the office or work in favor of a family of professionals who prefer only the lunch bags as meal bags, Winbo Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhu, the researchers said "the future, the lunch bags bags will be the most important part, but because of lunch bags and concepts do not demand the same, and both can not be linked together, lunch bags will be more stylish, then lunch bags in the course need to pay attention to?
1, all the lunch bags of light plastic material in a slightly better not to long-term high-temperature environment, otherwise it will be easier unglued
2, imitation nylon lunch bags need to place contaminated material, or more difficult to clean, use the process used to be the best day with a mist spray volatile cleaning agent on the surface with a clean soft cloth and then wipe clean.
3, the cleaning is best not to use the brush to prevent surface loss
4, place the boxes, make sure the boxes covered, sealed