FREEMAN lunch tote


$ 98.00

product description:

Magic Multi -function lunch bag

•Made of neoprene,the wet suits material

•Widely used in travel, office, picnic, beach, Students, white-collar essential artifact

•Keep warm/cool for several hours

•When opened can be a big place mat

•The multifunctional design ensures that food is clean, clean, hygienic, fashionable and environmentally friendly


•Machine washable, fastness

•Foldable design is convenient for packing

Hold the zipper down and pull down the slide. You can reach the bottom pool Heisei mat.


Freeman Gourmet Getaway Neoprene Lunch Tote: Cute Crocodile

  • Size: 30*30*15cm
  • Made of neoprene,teh wet suits material
  • Widely used in travel,office,picnic,beach,BBQect.
  • keep warm/cool for several hours
  • when opened can be a big palce mat
  • Waterproof,shake-proof
  • Machine washable,fastness
  • LFGB Approved