FREEMAN Escape tote


$ 980.00

product description:

FREEMAN Escape tote

Inspired by the simplicity of timeless style. Minimal and polished, they never follow trends.

  • This WATER-RESISTANT NEOPRENE HANDBAG is beautifully designed, lightweight, cold-water washable & quick drying.

  • LARGE TOTE CARRY CAPACITY measuring: 15” x 9” & 11” deep. It easily fits a laptop or gym essentials.

  • COMPLETE LUXURY FINISH WITH MAGNETIC PRESS-STUDS, a removable rigid floor base & authentic sailor rope. Plus cute zipped purse as a bonus.

  • MAKE IT YOUR EVERYWHERE BAG, WORK TOTE, GYM TOTE, shopping tote bag, or carry bag for travel.




It's Used in WetsuitsIts most famous application is for use exploring the watery depths. If you've ever gone surfing or scuba diving and wore a wetsuit, you almost certainly wore neoprene. Resilient and UV-resistant, neoprene is perfectly suited for the active use and protection.It's Used in SpaceSounds crazy, but it's true. NASA astronauts perform EVAs (extravehicular activities, or "space walks") in neoprene-coated nylon. If it's good enough for fixing the Hubble Telescope, it's can certainly withstand everyday use.It's Completely OpaqueDeveloped in the 1930s as an oil-resistant material, not only is neoprene tough, but it's not in the least bit see-through.It's VersatilePerhaps because of its success in the worlds of space and ocean exploration, neoprene is well-suited as a fashion material.You're Not AloneThis remarkable material has only grown in popularity over the years, and is commonly seen gracing catwalks all over the world. Among the designers who feature it are Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, and Louis Vuitton.

  • shopping tote bag, or carry bag for travel.

  • Why a Neoprene beach bag is your best ally for a holiday

  • After the year we’ve had, everyone needs to take a few days and catch some rays at the beach to recharge. Nothing like a chill weekend in the sun to release all the built up stress you have, right?

  • neoprene bags for beach.

  • Going on a beach holiday sounds like a very relaxing trip until you realize how much stuff you have to haul with you and having nowhere to store it. Sure, you could use your old shoulder bag that looks like it might rip apart as soon as you fit your towel in.

  • You could also look at some cheap tote bags that aren’t very likely to last you for the duration of your trip. Or maybe you’re thinking you’ll get one at your destination, only to find that they don’t sell what you need.

  • There’s also that expensive tote that you got for Christmas but are highly worried about it getting ruined when your favorite tanning oil eventually spills. Neither of these are a smart choice, but the good news is that we have you covered.

  • You need to go for a durable, flexible, waterproof neoprene beach tote bag that can fit all of your essentials. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you won’t regret it!

  • One of the best parts of having a large tote bag is not just that you can use it as a neoprene beach bag, but you can also use it as a travel tote bag! Neoprene totes are the best travel bags for women that love flexibility, especially when travelling (one less thing to pack and worry about!). But..which type of neoprene bag is the best one for you?

  • Think of a stylish women’s carry on bag that goes beyond the plane, because once you get to your beach paradise, you can use it to store all of your pool and beach essentials.

  • There’s something so comforting about having a bag that fits everything without losing its shape or breaking apart, and the neoprene material ensures that it will last you for many beach holidays to come.

  • Another plus is that these big tote bags for women have a lot of space to store virtually everything you might need on your holiday, from your passport documents and fuzzy sweaters when you use it as a travel bag, to fitting your towel and snacks for a day in the sun.

  • Sure, designer tote bags are nice and all, but a luxury tote bag is often very high maintenance, which makes them a very bad option when you’re thinking of using them as a neoprene beach bag tote.

  • Arguably one of the best parts of having a neoprene bag is how easy it is to take care of! There’s nothing worse than going on a relaxing getaway and being stressed about your favorite items getting ruined.

  • The good news is that you can safely take your neoprene tote bag to the beach without worrying about spilling your piña colada on it or getting it wet with sea water, because of its washable material.

  • No more worrying about your suntan lotion leaking or about your favorite nephews getting sand all over it, either. A luxe neoprene bag that you can pop in the washing machine after your trip is over? Say no more.

  • Neoprene bags make the best tote bags to take to the beach, because they are waterproof and extremely durable.

  • You don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality with these cute tote bags that come in so many different prints 。If you’re a little bit intimidated by having a large tote bag, then you can use a waterproof pouch or a tote bag organizer to keep your more important items safe and sound.

  • Our neoprene pouch bag is great for combining with the everyday tote because you can keep all of your essentials in this small waterproof pouch that you can just throw into your tote.

  • It’s a good idea to use the waterproof zipper pouch to store your phone, charger, earphones and anything else you want to keep in one place.

  • You can even use it as a travel pouch to keep your makeup and cosmetics in order while you’re away from home.

  • You can also carry this waterproof beach pouch on its own, for when you’re grabbing a bite at your favorite beach bar or going for a long walk along the shoreline, but don’t want to take your big bag with you.

  • It’s pretty much a no-brainer when thinking about the best bag to take on holiday.

  • The everyday tote bag and the waterproof pouch are hands down the best neoprene bags for your beach getaway.

  • From the versatility of the tote, which you can comfortably use to safely carry all of your travel essentials without worrying about your favorite sweater or your must-have neck pillow not fitting, and then take to the beach once you’ve arrived at your destination.

  • The fact that you can fit a towel, your lotions, some snacks, your tech needs, your swimsuit coverup, your sunglasses case and more make it a must have for your beach holiday.

  • Say goodbye to overpacking extra bags, not knowing if everything you need will fit or worrying about spilling something on your favorite bag: neoprene bags are your answer to everything!